Reflections and Looking Ahead

Yvonne of Quilting JetGirl is throwing the #2019PlanningParty again, and since I hate to miss out on a party, I’m here reflecting on 2018 and looking ahead to 2019.  My goals for last year were:

Participate in more design challenges and calls for proposals: I met this goal somewhat, though not to the extent that I had hoped.  I had an amazing experience working with the Quilter’s Planner team, and very much enjoyed working with a few designers on their blog tours.  I intend to keep at it this year by submitting at least two patterns to quilting magazines and continuing to put myself out there for design challenges.  I learn so much each time I take a risk and put myself out there.  Sometimes I don’t hear back and I have the opportunity to reflect on why, and other times I’m lucky enough to dive into the experience of working with a publication or fabric designer. Either way, there’s progress to be made.

Sew from my stash: I made two or three projects using only what I had in my stash, and it felt great to do that.  With regard to new purchases, I’d say no comment, but I’m here for accountability and reflection, so the honest answer is  – my stash has grown and I’m okay with it.  I made some investments in my growing pattern business and acquired some bundles that I plan to use for pattern samples.  I also purchased some fabrics at great prices for skirts that I plan to make and quilt backs that I will definitely use.  Finally, I bought some fabrics that I loved, had my eye on, and wanted to play with.  This year I plan to continue to be thoughtful about fabric purchases, and to use what I have when I can.

Garment sewing: This year I made a cardigan and a triceratops halloween costume (3T, not for me). My garment sewing goals for 2018 definitely took a back seat to quilting goals.  I have a handful of garments waiting to be made – shirts, skirts, and coats – and hope to get to them in 2019.  I love having handmade garments to wear – they often fit better than off the rack, and the feeling of accomplishment from making my own clothes is the best!

Continue to develop and discover my voice – I am very happy with the progress I made in this area, and so excited to keep at it in 2019.  I was lucky enough to pattern test for some incredibly talented pattern designers, connected with lots of inspiring and talented quilters, and had some really great opportunities thrown my way.


My one new goal for 2019 (for now – new ones always pop up along the way):


Just go for it, and work with you to do the same! There are a lot of quilting techniques I want to try for the first time (FMQ is at the top of that list), and other techniques I want to improve at.  I’m looking forward to working together to check those things off our quilty to-do lists as we inspire each other and help cheer each other on.

What are your goals for 2019?





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